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A 6-day cycling trip to Aberfeldy in June 2018.


There were 8 of us.  We stayed in lodges halfway up the hillside above the river Tay. We cycled every day doing routes which, on distance alone, would be considered modest, but because there isn't a single flat bit of road anywhere, were adequately challenging.


Aberfeldy has about 5 radial roads which is why I chose it, as we due to return to base every afternoon.We did rides around Loch Tay, Lock Tummel, up to Kinloch Rannock taking us up to Rannock Station. We also headed west to the moor above Pitlochry, around Dunkeld, the falls of Killin and the Sma Glen, constantly trying to avoid the A9, which is the the main road north. We also made our way to Dull, which is twinned with Boring in Canada.


Aberfedly has several bars and restaurants which were made use of, we even went to the Pitlochry Festival Theatre to see one of their summer season plays. We spent the longest day watching the sun barely setting on the banks of Lock Tay at Kenmore, it was truly still light when the pub chucked us out at 11.30pm. The self catering lodges allowed us to create communal meals in one of the lodges, eating outside when the weather allowed.

I took my car which not only transported two bikes and luggage, but also helped pick up rail travellers with bikes from the nearest station at Pitlochry.

Ive been asked to do it again. Watch this space!

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