We do group and fun rides all year.  Organised by volunteer riders, you will find everything you need to know on our Spond account.


Ride Levels

All rides are classified as Level 2 to 5 according to their difficulty and suitability for different types of riders.  The main parameters are the length of the ride, the amount of climbing involved, and the average speed at which the riders will be travelling.

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If you would like to get involved, why not come along to the Sunday in the Park ride, or if you are thinking you may be ready to join the club and come on a few group rides please follow the steps below:

Becoming a member is very easy and you will be warmly welcomed by one of the friendliest clubs around.  Membership costs £10 per annum.

Please click the Spond link below and follow the steps to join.

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The details of all the rides on offer, will be shared on our Spond account and include the route, start location, distance, duration,  amount of climbing, number of breaks and the difficulty level as per the table above.

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All rides are planned and led by an experienced member of the club.  This means you may turn up and follow the leader.  

However, if you do wish to navigate yourself, as a general rule, the routes are created and available through the club's RideWithGPS account.

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One of the most important aspects of all rides is the safety of the riders and members of the public.  Routes are planned to be on as many B roads as possible, but at times we must travel on busy A roads and it is therefore critical that riders act in a safe and sensible manner.

You MUST wear a helmet at all times, and please consider wearing brighter clothing to help other road users see you.  At night always use front and rear lights.

Please read the Safety Guidelines