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All Rides are cancelled in accordance with lockdown guidelines, including Richmond Park. Please don't plan any ad hoc rides on the FB group and respect the recommendations provided by the UK govenment and cycling bodies. All CycleOut memberships will be extended by three months.

Upcoming Events

Sat Jun 13 9:30am   Grade 3
Sparkling Bike Ride (Grade 3) & Queen's Birthday
Sat Jun 13 9:30am   Grade 2
Sparkling Bike Ride (Grade 2) & Queen's Birthday
Sat Jun 13 10:00am   Grade 4
Sparkling Bike Ride (Grade 4) & Queen's Birthday
Sat Jun 27 11:00am   Multi, Social
London Pride- CANCELLED


CycleOut London is a social cycling club for the LGBTQ+ community. We run a year-round programme of rides and social events in and around London and the Home Counties. We also organise regular cycling holidays in the UK and abroad. The club has featured in articles in Pride Life,   Cycling Plus and  Boyz.

Our programme of events caters for all types of cyclists (and bikes), offering a mix of day rides from short leisure outings of about 15 miles to fast sports rides of up to 100 miles - and everything inbetween!. Our rides are graded so that you can determine which ones are most suited to you. For details of our future rides please take a look at our upcoming events. Most of our rides are at weekends and include at least a lunch break. Non-members are very welcome to join us at our monthly rides in Richmond Park - please check the calendar for details.

CycleOut London is a non-profit club run by volunteers, however to meet our running costs we do ask for a membership subscription of  £10 a year.  CycleOut London members can also join Cycling UK at a discounted rate.

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