CycleOut London
Noah's Ark / The Swan Inn
Saturday 24 March 2018, 10:00

Grade 3
Noah's Ark The Swan Inn

*** The Noah's Ark is fully booked so the route has been reversed and we are having lunch at The Swan Inn in Chiddingfold. It is at the 30 mile mark so bring snacks to keep you going. ***

Starting from Godalming Station... 
We head for lunch at The Noah's Ark Inn in Lurgashall (26 mile mark). Bring some mid morning snacks.
After lunch there's a steep hill before heading back to Godalming Station for the train home.

Registration will close on Thursday 22nd March at 11pm.

Lunch: The Noah's Ark Inn in Lurgashall at 26 miles The Swan Inn at Chiddingfold at 30 miles.
Distance: 40 miles
Total Ascent: 900m

Ride Leader: Alan