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Fabulous week end had by all

A core group of five stayed throughout the whole weekend Graeme / Nick / Iain / Peter R and Jack).

We had one newcomer (Keith) who stayed on the Fri night and had to leave on the Saturday evening and another newcomer (Wessel) arrived early on the Saturday morning and stayed for the rest of the weekend. Both were London based South Africans - but didn't know each other. And Mike Emery came for the day on Sunday. So we had six stopping over each night and seven on each ride. Confused - I was.

The weather was very kind and just got better and better. Still damp on Friday, sun and cloud on Sat, full sun on Sunday. Many stunning views.

The rides were very varied and quite challenging, both around 30 miles. sharp inclines and descents, plateaus, some broad fast tracks, others narrow. We encountered a few muddy patches which most enjoyed. But everyone did it all and confidence levels raised during the week end.

We had two good evening meals at the Bothy and two good pub lunches - especially on Saturday at Arundel.

Our two newcomers integrated really well. Both are strong off roaders, especially Keith. They will definitely be back

The logistics of getting to the Bothy from Amberley train station was a challenge. Iain made it unaided but I had to go and pick Keith up as it was dark and he couldn't find it. Other than that and two punctures the whole week end went without a hitch.

I am up for doing it again next year.


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