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I had 12 registrations for the Bognor ride on Sunday. Two members let me know they were dropping out.

So nine of us set off, meeting at Victoria or Roehampton Gate or Kingston. Everyone was on time and the staggered starts worked well.

We had a puncture and a slight shower before lunch at Holmbury St Mary, on the Green which was good, reasonably priced and served efficiently. After lunch, I warned riders not to race ahead as we had to make some turns that were not obvious. Graham went bombing ahead regardless, missed the turn and was last seen disappearing down a hill headed west. As he was the fastest rider on the day, no-one felt like chasing him. His mobile was not on and he did not contact us; so we never saw him again. Later we heard that he reached Bognor on the A29 -- definitely not the route I had devised or would recommend.

The eight remaining cyclists reached Bognor Regis at about 6.15pm. Robert was a bit faint, probably due to dehydration. After fish and chips which Nasser insisted on eating on the beach in a headwind, we caught the 7.52pm train back. Peter H very cleverly arranged a group ticket which cut the cost to £9 each.

The mileage from Victoria to Bognor was about 75 miles. My mileage for the day by the time I reached home was 82.5 miles, the longest club ride I have ever done. But it was a good challenging day. I think everyone was happy.





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